How to Prepare Your Pet for Flea and Tick Season

How to Prepare Your Pet for Flea and Tick Season

Flea and tick season which runs from May through August in Pennsylvania has nearly begun, and this means it’s time to make sure your pets have adequate protection from these parasites and the dangerous diseases they carry.
It’s important to remember that both indoor and outdoor pets can be susceptible to fleas and ticks because we can carry parasites indoors on our clothing and pets can also pick them up when they go outside to use the bathroom. So, it’s important that you properly protect all of your animals.

3 Steps to Protect Your Pet This Flea and Tick Season

1. Use a Parasite Preventative Medication

The most important thing you can do to protect cats and dogs from parasites is to treat them with a parasite preventative. These come in several forms including topical ointments, oral medications, and collars. Our veterinarian can help you select the preventative medication that will be safest and most effective for your household depending on your pet’s breed, size, lifestyle, and whether you have dogs, cats, or both.

2. Clean Up Your Yard

Tall grass, brush, and dead leaves all harbor fleas and ticks. Keeping your yard and the other outdoor areas around your home well maintained and clear away from debris will help reduce the parasite populations in your pet’s immediate environment.
Common yard features like bird feeders and birdbaths can also attract parasites. If you have these in your yard, make sure they’re kept in an area that is some distance away from the spots where you and your pet like to relax, play, and romp around.

3. Walk and Play in Safe Areas

In addition to being mindful of the outdoor environment around your home, it’s also important to consider the places where you take your pet to walk and roam. Avoid wild areas that are heavy with brush, trees, and debris. Instead, stick to sidewalks and well-maintained walking paths where your pet won’t be as highly exposed to fleas and ticks.

Schedule a Parasite Prevention Appointment With Our White Haven Veterinarians

If you’re not sure whether your pet is properly protected from fleas and ticks, we welcome you to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian at White Haven Veterinary Hospital. We will talk with you about your pet and whether you have any other pets or small children in your household to help you determine the safest and most effective parasite preventative for your cat or dog.