Behavioral Counseling

Behavioral Counseling

We love dogs and cats, but inviting them into our homes only works when we provide them with training that helps them understand the types of behaviors we expect and those which are unacceptable. Without proper training, our pets would have the run of the house and wouldn’t be very pleasant to live with. At White Haven Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians can help you get started with teaching your dog or cat how to behave properly in addition to helping you eliminate unwanted behaviors and behavior-related problems such as aggression, separation anxiety, and general unruliness.


Why Is My Pet Acting Out?

Both cats and dogs exhibit unwanted behaviors as a result of a variety of issues. Sometimes unwanted behaviors occur as a result of your pet’s territorial instincts, fears or phobias, separation anxiety, instinctive or defensive aggression, and as a result of their innate reproductive instincts. Other times, unwanted behaviors can even occur in conjunction with a new health problem.

Common unwanted behaviors include:

If your pet’s behavior has become a problem or if you’re working on training your newly adopted puppy or kitten, the best place to begin is with our veterinarians and Fear Free Certified dog trainer at White Haven Veterinary Hospital. If your pet has recently started exhibiting a new unwanted behavior, we’ll first perform a complete physical examination to rule out any potential medical problems that could be causing your pet to act out. More than half of the staff, including all of our veterinarians, are Fear Free Certified. This certification is a course written by veterinarians and pet experts designed to help other veterinary professionals use techniques during your pet’s visits to make it as least stressful as possible, allowing them to leave here with a positive experience.

Pet Behavioral Counseling Services in White Haven

After your pet’s initial exam, our veterinarians will discuss behavioral issues in detail and decide the next course of action. This could include lifestyle changes, calming supplements, anti-anxiety medications, referral to a dog trainer, or referral to a specialized behaviorist.


Schedule a Pet Behavior Consultation in White Haven Today

Whether you’ve just adopted a new pet or have noticed that your dog or cat has begun exhibiting some unusual behaviors, we strongly recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our veterinarians. We’ll assess your pet and his or her behavior, while ruling out any underlying medical conditions. Finally, we’ll provide you with an actionable plan to improve your pet’s behavior. To learn more or schedule an appointment, contact White Haven Veterinary Hospital today.