Pet Prescription Refills

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In-House Prescription Medicine For Your Pets

At White Haven Veterinary Hospital, we simplify pet care by providing everything you need in one place – our veterinary hospital! We’re proud to provide our clients the convenience and flexibility of both an in-house, onsite pharmacy, and an online pet pharmacy.
With White Haven Veterinary Hospital Prescriptions, you can leave your pet’s appointment with your pets meds in-hand and refill your pet’s prescriptions with the ease of texting & online ordering!

Prescription Refills Made Easy

Whether you choose to order pet meds from our online pharmacy or prefer to pick your pet’s medications up from our veterinary hospital, we strive to make getting your pet’s medications as easy as possible by offering several options. We always welcome clients to text us to request prescription refills, but we can also accept refill requests via our easy-to-complete online form below.

In House Prescription Refill Form

Please utilize this form for ordering prescription refills for your pet. You may also text this information to (570) 443-0966.
ATTENTION : It may take up to 24 hours to refill medication.

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