No matter the type of procedure at-hand, it can be stressful when your pet needs surgery. At White Haven Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians work with the utmost care and attention using state-of-the-art surgical tools and equipment to put your mind at ease. We always recommend the least-invasive treatment option that will still be effective, and we’ll answer all your questions to ensure you completely understand the recommended procedure and your pet’s full range of treatment options.

What to Expect When Your Pet Needs Surgery

Pre-Operative Care

Prior to your pet’s surgery, we’ll perform a physical examination and run a blood panel to ensure your pet’s healthy enough to undergo general anesthesia for the procedure. We’ll discuss any steps you need to take before the procedure, such as administering medication or restricting food and water intake.

During the Procedure

During surgery, we anesthetize pets using high-quality inhalant anesthesia and continuously monitor our patient’s vital signs and condition using state-of-the-art monitoring equipment. We’ll notify you as soon as your pet is successfully out of the operating room.


Post-Operative Care

Following your pet’s procedure, we’ll monitor their recovery progress and notify you when they are ready to return home. We’ll provide you with complete post-operative care instructions which might include medication administration, wound care, activity restriction, and temporary dietary changes. We will also ensure that any necessary follow-up examinations are properly scheduled.


Veterinary Surgery Services in White Haven

White Haven Veterinary Hospital strives to provide our patients with comprehensive care. We’re experienced and equipped to offer the following veterinary surgery services:

Spays & Neuters

Spays and neuters are our most common and most recommended surgeries as preventative health for your animal. Spaying your animal can prevent mammary cancer, unwanted pregnancy, and infection of the uterus (pyometra) in the future. Neutering your pets can prevent behavioral habits, disease of the prostate, and testicular cancer in the future. In addition to relieving overcrowded animal shelters, spaying and neutering pets impart a variety of health and behavioral benefits.

Lump Removals

When a pet develops a lump, bump, or unusual growth, we might begin by evaluating it with a fine needle aspirate (FNA). It’s often prudent to remove the lump and test it with histopathology to find out how aggressive it may be. We perform routine lump removals and biopsies to increase a pet’s comfort and determine whether the growth is malignant or benign. We recommend ongoing care and treatment based on each patient’s test results.

Abdominal Surgery

Abdominal surgery can be necessary for pets in a variety of health contexts. Whether your pet has ingested a foreign object, has a blockage, or is experiencing another gastrointestinal issue, our veterinarians are fully equipped to perform abdominal surgery.

General Surgery

We offer a variety of general surgery services which, in addition to dental cleanings and tooth extractions, include wound care, injury repair, and more.

Orthopedic Reference

We do not offer orthopedic surgery in-house, but our veterinarians will work closely with a local veterinary orthopedic surgery specialist to refer your pet if needed.

Learn More About Pet Surgery in White Haven

If you have concerns about your pet’s upcoming procedure or would like to learn more about the services we provide, we welcome you to contact White Haven Veterinary Hospital today.