End of Life Care


End of Life Care

When a pet grows old, develops an incurable disease, or suffers a serious injury, treatment and recovery aren’t always possible. Rather than allowing a pet to suffer in pain at the end of life, humane euthanasia is an option that allows a pet to pass with dignity and peace. Translated from its Greek roots, euthanasia literally means “good death,” and it is in intended to provide sick, seriously injured, or otherwise ailing pets with a compassionate means of relief.

End of Life Care and Counsel

When a pet is diagnosed with a terminal disease or injury, this means that they cannot be cured. However, a terminal diagnosis does not always mean an immediate end. Veterinary medicine has come a long way, and our veterinarians are equipped to provide palliative care to relieve your pet’s symptoms, improve quality of life, and to keep them comfortable until the time when euthanasia becomes the most compassionate choice.
When a pet’s symptoms are no longer manageable, and the pet experiences excessive pain, stops eating and drinking, or withdraws from other members of the family, it might be the right time for your pet’s peaceful passing. Determining when euthanasia is the right option for a pet is a tough decision to make, and our veterinarians will be beside you every step of the way. We can help you determine when your pet’s pain or discomfort outweighs his or her quality of life.

What to Expect During the Process of End of Life Care

An end of life appointment begins with a physical examination and a discussion with our veterinarian about your pet’s condition and symptoms. We’ll talk with you about the process, answer your questions, talk with you about aftercare options, and obtain your written consent to go forward with the process.
Our veterinarian will then administer a sedative followed by an overdose of anesthetic medication intravenously. The pet is then able to relax, experience relief from pain, and pass away peacefully.
We understand that everyone navigates the grieving process differently, but we invite and encourage you to remain with your pet, providing love, comfort, and reassurance, throughout the process.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are allowing ONE member of the family to be present to help keep you and our staff safe. Thank you for understanding.

Compassionate Support Throughout Your Pet's Final Moments

We understand that determining the right time for your pet’s peaceful passing can be an overwhelming decision to make. At White Haven Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians will be with you throughout every step of your pet’s aging and end of life process. Whether you’re facing your pet’s final months, days, or moments, we can assess your pet’s condition to help you make the best decisions for your pet.
For more information about palliative care, end of life care, euthanasia, and after care options, we welcome you to contact a veterinarian at White Haven Veterinary Hospital.