Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care

Our furry friends provide us with love and companionship throughout their lives, and, as they age, the care we provide for them needs to be adjusted. When a cat or dog gets older, their aging doesn’t mean they need to slow down; with the right veterinary care, nutritional adjustments, and lifestyle changes, they can continue romping, playing, snuggling, and cuddling.

What Does Senior Pet Care Entail?

Although cats, large dogs, and small dogs all have different life expectancies, most pets are considered to be senior or geriatric at around age seven. At this time, their veterinary care and daily routines should be adjusted to accommodate their changing health needs.

Bi-Annual Health Screenings & Physical Examinations

As pets age, they’re at higher risk of developing age-related diseases, such as:
We recommend at least two wellness exams for senior pets each year. These exams include a whiskers-to-tail physical examination and laboratory tests. This allows our veterinarians to keep a close eye on your cat or dog to detect early signs of any developing diseases or chronic conditions. In addition, it monitors organ functions for those patients on long term medications to ensure they can continue to function and process those drugs.

Nutritional Counseling & Lifestyle Adjustments

As pets age, their dietary needs also shift. Our veterinarians will provide you with recommendations for your pet’s food and also provide you with information about nutritional supplements that can manage joint pain and help your pet stay healthy.
You can also adjust your pet’s environment to make them more comfortable. This might include elevating food and water bowls, purchasing an ergonomic pet bed, and providing stairs or a ramp into the car, onto the sofa, or up to your bed to prevent them from putting unnecessary stress on their delicate bones and joints.

Chronic Disease & Pain Management

Since chronic diseases, like arthritis and diabetes, cannot be cured, they require ongoing management to mitigate symptoms, slow disease progression, and help pets live comfortably. Our veterinarians will work with you to manage an aging pet’s chronic pain or disease with a variety of treatments and adjust the treatment plans, as needed, to continuously optimize their health.

Learn More About Caring for Your Aging Pet

With the right veterinary care and lifestyle adjustments, you can make your pet’s golden glitter! At White Haven Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians are ready to help. We’ll help you keep your pet feeling happy and energetic, while we continue to monitor their ongoing health and adjust treatments as their needs change. To learn more or to schedule an appointment for your senior pet, contact us today.