How to Keep Pets Calm During Vet Visits


How to Keep Pets Calm During Vet Visits

Pets usually feel nervous when they visit any place outside of their homes away from their familiar environments. The veterinary office is filled with other animals, strange smells, disconcerting sounds, and unfamiliar people, which can make it an especially scary place for pets – not to mention the fact that they often get poked and prodded when they visit us.
Despite their nerves and your reluctance to bring them to a place that makes them feel anxious, it’s still essential that they receive regular veterinary care to stay healthy. If your pet’s fear of the veterinarian makes it difficult for you to get them the routine care they need, consider the following tips to calm your pets and improve your experience overall.

5 Tips to Keep Pets Calm During Vet Visits

1. Choose a Fear Free Veterinary Clinic

One of the best things you can do if you have an anxious pet is to choose a certified fear free veterinary clinic, like White Haven Veterinary Hospital. Animal clinics with this designation take special steps to ensure calm veterinary visits. Additionally, our veterinarians have special training and our office is designed to minimize pet stress.

2. Create Positive Associations

If pets only ride in the car or see their carriers when they go to the veterinarian, then they’re going to associate these things with scary experiences. Take your pets in the car to just ride around and maybe pick up a biscuit at a drive-through.

3. Schedule an Early Appointment

Early morning appointments are best for anxious pets because it’s usually much quieter, plus there’s typically less traffic in the office and less stress overall.

4. Keep Yourself Calm

Pets are highly sensitive to the moods and attitudes of their human companions. If you are anxious because you’re running late or feel nervous about bringing your pet to the veterinarian, then your dog or cat is going to think they should feel anxious too.

5. Treat Generously

If your pet is food motivated, offering plenty of treats will get them to associate veterinary visits with high-value rewards, distracting them from the needles.

Fear Free Veterinary Visits in White Haven

At White Haven Veterinary Hospital, we have certified fear free veterinarians who can help calm your pets and create positive experiences and associations with the veterinary clinic. To learn more or schedule an appointment for your pet, contact us today.