What to Expect at Your Pet’s Next Check-Up


What to Expect at Your Pet's Next Check-Up

Being prepared and knowing what to expect when you come to your pet’s next veterinary examination can help you both have a more productive visit to the veterinary office. If you know what to expect, you can also be prepared with questions and concerns to discuss with the veterinarian during your pet’s examination.

What to Expect During Your Pet's Veterinary Appointment

Routine veterinary appointments and wellness exams typically include the following:

A Checkup and Examination

We perform a thorough physical examination of your pet, looking over all of their parts from their whiskers to their tails. We also check your pet’s temperature and heart rate in addition to recording their weight.

A Check-In With You

At this time, we also check in with you to ask if you have any concerns or questions about your pet. If you have noticed any changes in your pet’s behavior, appearance, appetite, energy level, or personality this is a good time to bring it up with the veterinarian.

Preventative Care

Routine wellness appointments are the perfect time to ensure your pet’s preventive care is current. At this time, we can administer vaccine booster shots and provide you with parasite preventatives (for fleas, ticks, and heartworms). We also talk with you about your pet’s diet and exercise to ensure they have everything they need to prevent disease and stay healthy.

Routine Diagnostic Testing

Not every wellness exam includes diagnostic testing. However, we might recommend diagnostic testing if your pet has any symptoms or signs of illness, is predisposed to any particular illness, if they are a senior pet, or if they have previously been diagnosed with an illness.

Ongoing Chronic Illness Management

If your pet has a chronic disease, we also like to keep tabs on their treatment progress, medications, and symptom management during their wellness exams.


If your pet has any prescription medications, we will discuss these with you, make any necessary adjustments, and refill your pet’s prescription.

Make Your Pet's Next Veterinary Appointment Fear-Free at White Haven Veterinary Hospital

White Haven Veterinary Hospital is a certified fear-free veterinary practice, which means we take precautions and go the extra mile to provide our patients with stress-free and fear-free veterinary appointments. We provide a calm waiting area for pets and also have additional training to learn handling techniques designed to help our patients relax during their veterinary examinations. Calmer pets mean less stress for you and more accurate examinations for us.
To learn more or schedule your pet’s next checkup, we welcome you to contact our veterinary hospital in White Haven, Pennsylvania today.