How to Care for Your Senior Pet


How to Care for Your Senior Pet

Just because your pet is getting older does not mean that it’s normal for them to get sick or experience pain. It simply means that the care they receive needs to be adjusted to meet their needs and keep them as happy, healthy, and comfortable as possible. Keep reading to learn how to care for your senior pet to keep them feeling great throughout their golden years.

How to Care for Your Aging Pet

Veterinary Visits and Routine Health Screenings

Aging pets typically visit the veterinarian every six months for routine physical examinations and health screenings with diagnostic lab tests. These checkups help us detect the earliest signs of age-related diseases, ensuring we catch them while they’re still easy to treat and manage.

Managing Chronic Diseases

Some senior pets with chronic diseases might need to visit the vet even more frequently for examinations to make sure their health is well-managed and their medications are still working safely and effectively.

Dietary Changes

Your pet’s dietary needs change as they grow older and become less active. Your pet might benefit from specially formulated senior pet food designed to help control weight gain. Additionally, nutritional supplements can be added to address age-related concerns like joint health, eyesight, cognitive function, and more.

Exercise Adjustments

Your aging pet still needs physical activity to stay healthy, but you will likely need to adjust your routine. Consider breaking up long hikes into shorter more frequent walks. Additionally, low-impact swimming makes a perfect activity for aging pets with joint health issues.

Lifestyle and Environment Changes

You can help keep your pet comfortable by providing them with some special products designed for older pets. Consider purchasing your pet an orthopedic bed that will comfort their joints when they rest, pet stairs onto the sofa or your bed, and elevated water and food bowls that are easier and more comfortable for pets to reach.

Choose Our Fear-Free Certified Veterinary Clinic for Your Senior Pet

If your pet experiences stress or fear when visiting the veterinary office, then needing to visit more frequently for the care of your senior pet can be increasingly stressful.
We strongly encourage you to choose White Haven Veterinary Hospital for your senior pet’s care because we are a certified fear-free veterinary clinic. To learn more about what it takes to be certified fear-free and how we can improve your pet’s experience at the veterinary office, we welcome you to contact us today.